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From the Tractor Zoom team

May 2023 Product Updates

In May, our team added new capabilities to Iron Comps Market Trends to filter equipment values by region and drive type.


Trending Inventory Build-up Risks Profit Erosion

Smaller tractor supply levels have ballooned. Combines are not far behind and now larger tractors may be following suit. Tracking important inventory metrics can help control holding cost before they erode a significant portion of your dealership's profits


Webinar: 2023 Q2 Used Equipment Market Update

Join Tractor Zoom's Andy Campbell and Paul Olson to learn about the most recent supply and value trends of combines, tractors, planters, and sprayers. We also delve into regional differences in equipment valuations.


Combine Months of Supply Metric Increases

Combine supply has been returning to both auctions and dealerships for months now. Sales may be up, but not at the same pace, resulting in a build up of certain categories of combines leaving dealerships a short time to prepare for the next sales cycle.


How to Determine the Value of Liquid Fertilizer on Planters

Tractor Zoom Industry Analyst Andy Campbell digs into the value of liquid fertilizer on planters and shows how to evaluate this attribute using the data in Iron Comps.


Planter Valuation Webinar - March 2023

Tractor Zoom's Data Scientist, Hank Mandsager, and Industry Analyst, Andy Campbell, take a deep dive into Tractor Zoom’s planter data to discover what data science can tell us about valuing planters by make/model, rows, bulk fill, liquid fertilizer, etc


Detecting and Correcting Outliers in Equipment Data

With a database of over $26 billion in equipment sales, Tractor Zoom is an industry leader in real-time data for agriculture and heavy equipment. Learn about our new data quality review process that incorporates machine learning and our industry experts.


February 2023 Product Updates

In February, our team added the Lien Tag to the Simple List PDF report export on Equipment Lists and we consolidated drive types by Category for Combines and Tractors.


3 Keys to Becoming a More Data-Driven Organization

Tractor Zoom recently exhibited at John Deere’s annual user group meeting. Our TJ Masker was joined by Brian Knotts, COO of Koenig Equipment, in sharing their experiences helping dealerships shift to a more data-driven decision making approach.


Webinar Recording: 2023 Used Equipment Market Update

Specifically produced for ag lenders. Join Tractor Zoom's Andy Campbell and Jeremy Hewitt to discover the most recent pricing trends of combines, tractors, sprayers, planters, and round balers from the Iron Comps' data.


January 2023 Product Updates

At the start of the new year, we've implemented two key improvements to categories in Iron Comps and Tractor Zoom and updates to the Tractor Index in Market Trends.


2023 Used Equipment Outlook

These past two years have highlighted the tight connection between new and low-hour used equipment. So as we maneuver into 2023, one eye is on the manufacturer governing new supply, while the other is on the demand lever of farmer profitability. 


December 2022 Used Equipment Market Review

The script hasn't flipped, but the tone is changing in the farm equipment market. With tractors, combines and sprayers, the older equipment values are falling. Yet, where that 'old' line falls is the question. The answer is different for each category.


Falling Used Compact Tractor Market

During COVID, Americans were purchasing compact tractors like toilet paper during a pandemic. Now we seem to have too much and the market is doing what it does best. Correcting itself.


End-of-Year Auction Update

December is a time for Christmas carols and farm auctions! With only a couple weeks of 2022 left, we take a look at combines and tractors in this storied end-of-year equipment purchasing period.


December 2022 Iron Comps' Product Updates

More descriptive buttons, discovering equipment list details when hovering, and Market Trends within Search are some of the wish list items our development team has received, and delivered on, right in time for the holidays!


Case Study: Atlantic Tractor Boosts Average Margin 20% with Iron Comps

Learn how Josh Martin at Atlantic Tractor improved his used equipment repricing process and increased used equipment margin by 20% leveraging Iron Comps' new Inventory solution.


November 2022 Iron Comps' Product Updates

Take note! November's updates may seem small, but their impact to productivity are mighty. A new 'notes' feature in Equipment Lists and Inventory are helping organize actions and streamline processes. Plus a new layout and downloadable Inspection Report.


Combine and Tractor Values Diverge

With little exception, combines & row crop tractors have treaded similar paths these past couple of years. Influenced equally by profit-induced demand and a shared, strained supply chain, both have been hot items. That all may be changing now


AgCountry’s Change Management Journey to Success

Armed with patience and a process, AgCountry improved their valuation methods in the midst of a pandemic and a merger,. Saving time and money. Read about how they approached and succeeded at this change management opportunity!


October 2022 Iron Comps' Product Updates

Iron Comps has undergone many updates, but few as significant as what took place this last month. Along with an increase in site speed


Combine Market Shifts

An increase in harvester supply, combined with seasonal sales pressure, is resulting in decreasing auction and dealer values


Used Equipment Market Update Webinar, Fall 2022

This Iron Comps webinar, recorded on October 12th, is tailored for ag lenders. In this recording you will learn current value trends of combines, tractors (compact, utility, row crop, and 4WD's) and self-propelled sprayers


Used Combine Supply Stabilizes, but not Equally

We reported last month that this third quarter would likely see combine supplies match those of 2021. That has happened, but the combines sold at auction were different & it's following a pattern we will likely be feeling the affects of for years to come.


September 2022 Iron Comps' Product Updates

Save time and gain efficiency with Bulk Actions and the new settings view on Iron Comps' Equipment Lists. Get more use from Iron Comps exportable reports now that they are customizable.


Used Combine Supplies Leveling Out

While not a return to pre-2021 levels, it appears that the current used combine supply is matching last year's Q3 availability. Prices, however, are still considerably higher.


August 2022 Iron Comps' Product Updates

When looking for a comparable machine, our partners typically have a tightly defined set of variables they are trying to match. So our development team worked with some of our partners to develop "Match" feature in Iron Comps that does just that!


Latest Direction of the 2022 Combine Market

The trending direction of the used combine market has been dominating many conversations lately. For good reason too. The next few weeks may see more combines traded at auction and through dealer early orders than we've seen so far this entire year!


July 2022 Iron Comps Product Updates

Unsure of the changes you made to get to your latest value? Now you can use Version History within Iron Comps to go back in time and see those changes, even restoring to previous values


Harvest Equipment Trends Webinar

The buying and trading season for combines and headers is just around the corner! Take a look at current harvest category prices, volumes, with a special focus on dealership and auction equipment trends over the last 90 days.


June 2022 Iron Comps Updates

Our development team has been keeping their ears to the ground and listening to clients' feedback. The result? Construction equipment, planter acres, bale counts, pinned filters and more! We have many useful updates to share in this month's product update.


Is the Tractor Market Turning?

While it might not be a falling knife, anticipating when the used equipment market will take a downward turn is on the mind of almost everyone in this industry. The recent deep cuts from the stock market and old scars from '13 & '14 warrant this concern!


Preparing for Early Planter Orders

While John Deere has a specific start date for an early order period, all dealers are faced with the challenge of assessing planter trade-in values when they won't actually take title of that planter until the new one is delivered!


Row Crop Tractor Index by Tractor Zoom

Every month Tractor Zoom analyzes the past month's auction sales data to determine the direction of the used tractor market. This is that report for the months leading up to and including April 2022.


Flattening the Combine Curve

The 'washout curve' for used equipment, which models the volume of equipment that is traded in, and how to respond with pricing and inventory management of that category of equipment. Well, pressure from this past year has squashed that model...


Iron Comp's Tools and Trends Webinar - Spring 2022

The used equipment market is changing fast. In this webinar Iron Comps' Andy Campbell discusses the latest trends of major equipment categories, and shares tips on how dealers are finding and selling the right equipment, at the right price.


March Iron Comps Product Updates

Our development team has been hard at work listening to customers, both on-site and over video calls. These listening sessions have resulted in a couple of the newest updates to Iron Comps, specifically in the Equipment Lists


Introducing Dealer Trends within Iron Comps

Dealer Trends, an embedded price and volume analysis tool, is now available within the Iron Comps platform! This feature allows you to see view the changing average list price for whole categories by OEMs, or specific make/models.


Top-End Planters' Disappearing Act

As if supply wasn't already short, there are signs that the used planter market may be getting even tighter.


2022 Farm Equipment Values Webinar for Ag Lenders

The Iron Comps team breaks down the current farm equipment value and volume trends for late 2021 into early 2022 for large tractors, combines, sprayers, planters and more. Also learn how Iron Comps can help with a more automated valuation process.


January Iron Comps Product Update

Dealer data is now live in Iron Comps! This allows you get an instant evaluation of the Auction and Dealer market with comparable sales for a specific Make/Model.


Combine Values and Supply Strain Continues to Grow

December combine auction values increased 30% year over year, driven by an almost 50% decrease in auction supply.


Iron Comps December Updates

Filter features within Iron Comps' Equipment Lists improve ease of use and quality control for lenders' data entry process.


Fall '21 Used Farm Equipment Trends Webinar

Join Dan Bahe and Andy Campbell from Iron Comps, powered by Tractor Zoom, as they analyze the equipment supply and value trends going into a pivotal 2021 sales period.


Iron Comps October Updates

'Quick Add' is added for Equipment Lists within Iron Comps. See how this new feature can save you time on your data inputting process.


2021 Used Equipment Trends Webinar

Watch or listen to our Kyle McMahon as he breaks down the biggest used machinery trends of 2021, and describes how that may affect equipment values in the post-harvest purchasing season.


September Iron Comps Updates

Iron Comps' development team has been listening to customers' needs and delivering results. This month they improved the filter function by states so you can access the comps in the regions that matter most to you.


Farm Credits' Digital Innovation Playbook

Iron Comps has been working alongside Farm Credit Chattel Appraisal and Credit departments to help guide their digital transformation and therefore speeding up the appraisal process and reducing wasted effort. This playbook is a summary of our observations


August Iron Comps Updates

Iron Comps recent product updates made by our development team include scroll bar fixes, equipment listing searches, and card optimization.


Low Hours in Low Supply

2020 and 2021 have experienced diminishing supplies of low-hour, late-model tractors. In this Iron Comps video we discuss how the different hours segments of tractors at auction have changed over the past four years.


Farm Credit Makes a Digital Transformation with Iron Comps

Innovative Service Starts with the Right Mindset: An Open Mind, Industry Knowledge, and High Standards are helping drive innovation at Compeer Financial. Read about how this Farm Credit is paving their digital transformation path with Iron Comps.


Can You Roll a Profit with an Old Baler?

How have ag implement prices changed in 2021? Here we analyze the value change of a popular Vermeer round baler.


2021 Q1 Equipment Report

An early look at how used equipment values are trending in this first quarter of 2021. The used farm equipment market is much more volatile the past few months, which is why having up-to-the-minute data necessary. Next month it could be totally different!


What is Pulling that Planter?

Larger equipment requires more horsepower. This Iron Comps Insights analysis looks at the farm sales of planters and what type of tractors joined them on the auction block.


Are Machinery Values Reflecting the Surge in Commodity Prices?

With the tightening of global grain supplies, commodity prices have hit an eight year high. This Iron Comps analysis investigates what kind of impact these high prices have on farmers and how they are valuing farm equipment.


Iron Comps February Product Updates

Update from the Product & Engineering team featuring equipment list mobile enhancements and searchable auctioneers' descriptions by keywords, saving you time to find just the right comp wherever you may be working!!


Do Combine Values Really Fluctuate That Much?

In this Iron Comps analysis we look specifically at the end of year auction seasons of 2018, 2019, and 2020 to learn how dynamic harvester values are, even when we take machine hours into consideration. The results, at least half of them, are surprising.


Introducing QuickComps

Iron Comps AI gives you the most relevant pieces of equipment in your lists


Track Record

Experience matters, and Case IH proves it in the value retained in their QuadTrac models. This Iron Comps analysis looks into how different track tractors have retained their value over the years.


New PDF Exports for Equipment Lists

Introducing a new PDF Export layout for your Equipment Lists


Iron Comps November Updates

Our engineering and development team has been working alongside our clients to learn what improvements would be most important to them. "Reporting" rose to the top of the list and we are excited to roll out this new feature to all of Iron Comps!


Skid Steers: The Farm's Swiss Army Knife

After the derecho blew through the Midwest this summer, rentals & sales of skid steers shot up. In this Iron Comps analysis, we look at this farming handy-man's tool, the best times to purchase, & the price levels of different brands.


Fast Facts for Equipment Dealers

A collection of farm equipment insight and trend videos for equipment dealers. With all videos under five minutes, and updated weekly, this is a great resource for dealers to check on frequently to stay on top of used equipment sales data.


Iron Comps 3rd Quarter Used Equipment Market Report

Breaking down the major, high-value categories of the used farm equipment market spanning July, August, and September of 2020. In this report we see significant volume of combines and tractors move, as well as swings in the age of machines sold at auction.


Iron Comps October Updates

Iron Comps' Product and Engineering Team has been hard at work listening and continually improving our product to help our partners have an easier time determining better used equipment values. Read more for our October 2020 product updates.


Tail of Two Tracks

In this quick video we break down sales of track tractors on the auction market. Specifically narrowing down on the turf battle between the more established Case IH verse John Deere's recent surge with their RX models


Preparing for the 2020 Farm Loan Renewal Season

In this recorded webinar, Jeff Plagge, Iowa's Superintendent of Banking, and Tanner Winterhof, VP of Commercial Lending with VisionBank, discuss important ag lending factors as we approach the next farm lending season.


Are Farmers Reaping the Benefits of the Draper Head?

Combines' draper heads have been on the market now for over 10 years. Are farmers still paying top dollar as these higher-priced platform heads hit that auction block?


Helping Lenders and Farmers in the 2020 Ag Loan Renewal Season

Iron Comps is bringing together a suite of information to help banks and farmers progress through what is anticipated to be a very challenging farm loan renewal season.


Value of ProDrive vs. 3 Speed Transmissions in Combines

In this analysis originally published with Successful Farming, we look at the resale value of combines having a pro-drive vs more traditional 3-speed transmissions.


2020 Equipment Market Insights and Trends Webinar

Webinar held with on July 30th, 2020. Kyle McMahon and Andy Campbell dive into the first seven months of 2020 and the trends Iron Comps is seeing in the farm equipment auction market.


Trusted Ag Industry Maverick Darwin Melnyk Aides Iron Comps’ Success

Darwin Melnyk, Co-Founder and CTO of FarmOp Capital LLC, has joined Iron Comps as a Senior Advisor. His advice: 'Leverage our technology to build people up, not replace them." Read more to see what makes Darwin such a great fit for Iron Comps.


Iron Comps' 2nd Quarter Farm Equipment Value Report

Auction values, volumes, and locations of large and four-wheel drive tractors, combines, and planters from April to June of 2020. This report is an aggregation of Iron Comps' database covering over 80,000 pieces of equipment.


Round Baler Values Roll with the Seasons

If you are thinking of buying or selling a large round baler, you will want to understand the seasonality that has a heavy influence on the auction prices and the volume of balers on the market.



The last couple years have been especially tough on America's farmers. For those looking to purchase, sell, or trade machinery, Iron Comps has an 'insightful' solution that can help.


Data Technology Veteran, Dave Tucker, Joins Iron Comps as Senior Advisor

Dave Tucker, previously the VP of Technology for Workiva, joins Iron Comps in advisory role. Dave discusses advice for start-up and technology companies, why choosing Iowa makes good business sense, and the future direction of data leaders like Iron Comps


Iron Comps' 2020 Planter Market Report

This report on the sale of farm equipment planters in 2020 showcases trends in planter values, the market share of OEMs, what regions these planters are selling into, and the types of values different farm auctions are bringing.


Evaluating Troubled Ag Loans with Iron Comps

To learn more about how Iron Comps can help you and your institution, let us know and we’ll work to set up a time to go over the product with you.


Ag Chat: Update on Machinery & Land Values During COVID-19

Thank you if you were able to join us on Friday, May 15th for our Ag Chat discussion on land and machinery values. If you couldn’t make it, we recorded the discussion!


April’s Equipment Leasing Monthly Confidence Index Hits All-Time Lows

April’s monthly MCI – EFI survey, designed to collect information indicating the prominent current and future business equipment finance environment, fell to an all-time low of 22.3 in April.


Squaring up the Baler Market

We recently worked with a major farm publication on an analysis of the forage market. While we’ll wait for the publication to be released for the full story, the analysis did tie together a few bits of information that we’d like to share with you.


1st Quarter 2020 Report for Large Equipment Dealers

We’ve compiled information from our Tractor Zoom database from the first three months of 2020 to help equipment dealers better understand these tumultuous times.


Effects of the Coronavirus on Used Ag Equipment Sales

As more and more states enact stay-in-place orders for all non-essential personnel, the used farm equipment market appears to churn along, although early warning signs indicate this trend may not last.


FDIC Expectations on Ag Lending

It’s no surprise that the continued pressures facing the agricultural economy are worthy of regulatory concern and rightfully so.


Strengthening Relationships

The foundation of a strong ag lending practice is built on service and trust. These qualities are a direct result of the relationships developed between the farm owner and people within your organization.


Start your Ag Renewal Meeting with Confidence

You can start a meeting confidently by knowing you have something unexpected to offer that your client is not anticipating, but will appreciate.


Heavy Machinery Valuation Terms: Clearing Up Confusion for Lenders

Agriculture is a major industry in the US and a significant contributor to the economy of almost every state.


Pessimistic Ag Climate Benefits Used Equipment

As in any business case, you need to look directly at supply and demand to understand the shift in the equipment world.