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August 2022 Iron Comps' Product Updates

We have heard consistent feedback from our customers on the ability to be able to enter in attributes of the machine and have search utilize our most relevant search model automatically pull the most comparable sales for auction and dealer listings.

Match Search

With the release of “Match” in our Search Results - users can take the specs of their machine and enter them right into Iron Comps and it will find the most like ten sales for both Auction and Dealer listings. Users still have the ability to apply filters to this search to narrow in even closer on the results, and go in to select or deselect comparables if they want.
As of the end of August, most Iron Comps organizations do not yet have "Match" feature turned on. Our Customer Success Reps, Ken and Jesse, will be reaching out to you to introduce the feature so it does not just 'show up' and cause confusion. If you would like it sooner, please reach out to either Ken or Jesse to set up this up in your system.
Note that your team will also have the ability to determine how heavily different equipment attributes are weighted. Your organizations' admins will be able to adjust and move around equipment attributes as they see fit to get the comparable sales that match your approach for your organization. This adjustment process, an example is shown below, will also be covered in the training with your CSR, Ken or Jesse.

Picture Upload to Equipment List

Users can now upload your own pictures to your equipment lists. You will be able to toggle the view to show the new pictures, or return to the traditional view without. Our team would love to hear how you may use this new feature with your lists. Please let us know!

New Website Look

You may have already noticed, but the site has a new look. This in an effort to improve the clarity of our information and value, more closely match the look of, and improve your load times on desktop and mobile.

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