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February 2023 Product Updates

In February, our team was hard at work behind the scenes to ensure the quality, efficiency, and value of your experience in Iron Comps. In the past year we’ve seen massive adoption of Equipment Lists by our lending partners – a 10X rate of growth – so we’ve been working to continuously improve that entire experience. You’ll also notice a change in how you search for drive types on tractors and combines.

Equipment Lists Lien Tag on Simple List PDF Export

This month, our team added the “Lien Tag” to the Simplified PDF Export on the Equipment List page, based directly upon feedback from our lending institution customers.
In the ownership details of equipment in your list, you may designate 1st-4th Lien Position.
Here’s how the export will look for you:

Consolidated Drive Types by Category: Combines & Tractors

It’s our goal to ensure our data is of the highest quality.
So this month, we also made an improvement in Iron Comps to consolidate drive types for the Combines and Tractor categories.
This helps simplify the options when filtering on search so that not all drive types are displayed in the list and reduces confusion between drive and tire classifications.
Here is the Tractor drive type view:
For example, see how the following four tractors would be categorized: 
Drive: MFWD | Front Tires: Singles | Rear Tires: Tracks
Drive: MFWD | Front Tires: Tracks | Rear Tires: Tracks
Drive: 4WD | Front Tires: Tracks | Rear Tires: Tracks
Drive: Two Tracks
Here is the Combine drive type view:

Thank You

It’s thanks to you that we can continue to make improvements and innovate in Iron Comps. We’re so grateful to have your trust to execute on ideas and deliver solutions that work.

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