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Harvest Equipment Trends Webinar

Insight into trade-in values becomes even more important in an elevated and volatile market. Help improve profitability and turns with insight into real-time equipment values, volume, and current trends by joining Iron Comps’ marketing director and analyst, Andy Campbell, as he breaks down the high-value harvest equipment categories for on July 12th, 2022.
For the in-webinar question about the John Deere 9800 vs the CLAAS Jaguar 980, I pulled up Iron Comps for a little comparison. I expanded the comparison to include all John Deere and CLAAS forage harvesters. The 9800 is a much newer model than most of the Jaguar 980's on the market, so there wasn't an equal comparison between just those two models.
You can watch the breakdown using Iron Comps in the four minute video below.

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