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Introducing Dealer Trends within Iron Comps

We are happy to share with you the launch of Iron Comps' new Dealer Trends feature. This new trend analysis tool provides a real-time and historic average movement of price, and unlike existing tools, is embedded directly within the platform for quick access and decisions. Currently Dealer Trends is available for thousands of farm equipment models for dealers and equipment appraisers to save time and reduce risk when making valuation decisions.
Below is a quick look at Dealer Trends for John Deere's S670 combines.
Focused on providing accurate, transparent, and trusted information, Iron Comps’ new feature has proven to be valuable to strategic-level decision makers, as well as for those carrying out daily operations at beta test sites. The Dealer Trend analysis can trend any specific make-model equipment sold at auction or listed on dealer’s lots, helping dealers to adjust values quickly. This solution can also be viewed at a category level, allowing management to test their market assumptions in real-time.
The snippet below shows a category review of 300+ HP Case IH tractors, filtered to view the trend of machines with less than 2,000 hours.
Accessing the Dealer Trends data provides multiple different insights in one pop-out view, seen below. The blue trend line denotes the daily average of dealer listing values for the category or make/model of equipment you have chosen. This trend line starts in the fall of 2021 on the left and progresses all the way to yesterday on the right! Each green dot represents an auction sale price struck on that particular day. In the upper left you can see the defined search, average dealer listing price, and number of listings on Tractor Zoom on that particular day. If there are any filters, they will be listed below the trend graph area.
“It is our mission at Tractor Zoom to help leaders in agriculture make confident buying decisions about farm equipment. This Dealer Trends feature does just that.” said Kyle McMahon, Founder and CEO of Tractor Zoom stated while sharing the news at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. “If we can save our dealership and appraisal partners considerable hours out of their day while giving them real-time market insights, then we will be doing what we set out to do."
If you do not yet have access to Dealer Trends within Iron Comps, please reach out to us with the button below to learn how it might help your organization.

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