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Introducing QuickComps

We are excited to launch QuickComps, a quick and easy way for you to find the most relevant comps for equipment in your lists.
In our first version of Equipment Lists the comp average was calculated by the last 10 sold at auction. As we continue to collaborate with our customers, we have discovered the value in being able to match equipment with the most relevant other pieces in our database. Using AI, QuickComps searches sales nationwide and finds the equipment most similar to your piece of equipment.
As an Iron Comps customer, QuickComps will empower you to make more confident equipment valuations by getting you to the data you care about faster. Ideally saving you time and money while valuing equipment.
Here is a look at the updated view for a piece of equipment in your list with QuickComps applied.
You will notice a subtle update to the card layout where we have added a green border around the card to indicate a selected comp. The QuickComps selected, will be sorted automatically so they show up at the top.
For current equipment lists with comp averages applied, this update will not change your selected comps. If you would like to apply QuickComps to your list simply visit your list and from the menu on the left select "Reset Comp Averages".
As always, we love hearing from you. Please let us know of any other improvements to the equipment valuation process we can help with!
If you have any questions or interest in learning about how QuickComps can help your organization, you can email us here.
- James Eliason
Senior Product Engineer