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Iron Comps December Updates

Our Engineering team has been listening to our ag lending partners as they utilize Iron Comps Equipment Lists to manage their clients' fleets.
First when using the Quick Add feature in Iron Comps Equipment Lists, lenders have to compare their entries with a list typically provided by the farmer. To help them sort through newly added equipment, our team has added a 'Recently Added' filter feature so that they can more easily match the equipment being entered from the external list. 
Second, the filtering function when sorting through auction or dealer equipment search results is one of the more popular functions of the Iron Comps user experience. Lenders also wanted this same functionality when finding comparables within their clients' equipment lists.
"Time saving has been a critical point for our financial institutions. This requested change originated with feedback from our clients stating they often operate out of the Equipment Lists in Iron Comps, and need the ability to narrow down the results. Discovering new ways to help our clients gather data quickly and with less clicks has been one of the highlights of 2021." - Jesse Scott, Strategic Account Manager
Now you can filter within your Equipment List comparables!

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