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January Iron Comps Product Update

Dealer Data LIVE in Equipment Lists Dealer “Listing Average” has been added to Equipment Lists in Iron Comps. Since the launch of Dealer Listings on Tractor Zoom we have already added ~17% of all Dealer Listings across the United States with a goal of 50% by the end of 2022. This allows you get an instant evaluation of the auction and dealer market with comparable sales for a specific make/model.
Equipment List Screen For your organization we will load the most relevant comparable sales for the current equipment you have in your list. No work is needed on your end - however it is advised to check out each of your lists. We are using the same “Most Relevant” model to auto-populate these on your behalf.
Adding New Equipment to a List When adding a new piece of equipment to your list you will see an Auction Average and Dealer Average for that piece. Keep in mind some newer pieces of equipment may just have a “Dealer Average” and some of the older items might only have an “Auction Average.”
Selecting Comparable Sales With the addition of Dealer Data you can now switch between Auction and Dealer listings in the Comparable Sales Screen. Most Relevant will be selected by default - however you can sort and filter to hone in your sales to better match your piece of equipment!
Reports including Dealer Listings We have updated Reports to include the relevant information for your records. The PDF and CSV export will also contain all the relevant information for the comparable sales used.
Exports From Equipment List (PDF, CSV, Condensed CSV) Your exports from the Equipment List screen have all been updated to include the “Listing Average” for the dealer information.
Hover State on Equipment List for Comparison to “My Value” With the addition of Dealer Average, users can now hover over “Auction” or “Dealer” average and see how it compares to the value they have set for the equipment.

Interested in Access to Iron Comps Dealer Data?