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June 2022 Iron Comps Updates

The Iron Comps Development Team has been busy listening and following up with our partners on platform improvements. Below are the updates that have been implemented this past month.

Equipment Cards: Planters & Balers

Planters: Quickly see the number of acres on the equipment card and filter down to planters that have similar acres.
Balers: Quickly see the number of bales on the equipment card and filter down to balers that have had similar number of bales.

Sale Date Filters:

Ability to quickly toggle to items that have have been on the market in the last 30, 60, 90, 180, 270 days up to 1 yr.

Pinned Filters:

Set the filters you want to utilize for multiple searches by “Pinning” them once you have them applied. Simply click on the filter you have applied and it will show as a lighter shade of blue. In this example for a John Deere S680 we have pinned filters for drive and production years.

Construction Equipment

In Iron Comps you are now able to see Construction Equipment broken out by Sub-Category. This will apply to the Make / Model search as well as the Category Search. Equipment List users that sort by “Category” will be able to see Construction equipment in its own section as well.

Dealer Trends - See Auction Sales on Graph

Users can now click on the “Green Dot” for an auction sale on the Price Trend Graph. This will pull up the sale details for that piece of auction equipment.

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