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Latest Direction of the 2022 Combine Market

The importance of used combine values, and more significantly the trending direction of those values, need no elaboration nor explanation. In a recent post-harvest equipment webinar survey we discovered that over 85% of respondents would like to be checking equipment trends DAILY! And now that we are entering the heavy harvest auction season, you can do just that!
By the way, if you were wondering on a normal year how many combines move in July and August... it's about a third of all quality combines that are sold in these two summer months.
If you are looking for comparable values, you know this year has been light on pretty much all equipment. Simply taking the average of dozens of similar models that sold last year, even last quarter, forgoes the accuracy that your job requires.
In the video below I walk through how you can use Tractor Zoom in combination with Iron Comps to monitor the latest direction of the combine market. Here we are specifically looking at the value of a John Deere S680 with 1,200 separator hours.
A day after recording the video above, a couple more S680's sold at auction. While not originally intended to be part of this analysis, the below video highlights those two combines, and the values they brought. The second is a good indication of the current strength of low-hour, late-model machine values.

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