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March Iron Comps Product Updates

If you are a heavy Equipment List user, you may have already seen some of these updates to our Equipment Lists.

Equipment List Sort Updates

This month we were able to make updates to ‘Sort’ on the Equipment List. Users will now see equipment broken out by Category with Headers, as shown below.
Users can now also do a “Custom” sort. This functionality is really helpful for renewals of an existing list, and allows you to set the order exactly as you wish, as shown below.

Add/Edit Equipment Updates

Attributes by SubCategory

Updates to Add / Edit Equipment modal make it easier to identify the right attributes by Sub-Category that affect the equipment value the most. We have defined the attributes by Sub-Category to better align with the use of that piece.
Example Below: Harvesting - Combines, and then Harvesting - Row Crop Header

Ownership Details

With the updates to Attributes by Subcategory, we were also to make improvements to “Ownership Details” for a piece of equipment.
Specifically adding Collateral and Percent Ownership as attributes of a piece of equipment. These will show up on the Equipment List once a user has entered those details.
If you have any questions about these updates, or any others, please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help.

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