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New PDF Exports for Equipment Lists

One of the best things about working at Tractor Zoom and Iron Comps is the opportunity to collaborate alongside our customers, listen to their feedback, then prioritize that into our backlog of work. Since launching Iron Comps we have held many customer feedback calls and sent out several surveys asking our partners what is most important to them. Over the course of the last month, improving the PDF Export was top on the list!
Beginning today, we are excited to release it for all Pro, Premium, and Enterprise users.
The first thing you might notice, is the top portion of the report. In this example, 'Johnston Farms' is the name of the Equipment List. Keep that in mind as you name your Equipment Lists inside of the application, as it will show up at the top of the report.
In this update we have included the list totals in the top right. We have also included further information on each piece of equipment like category and sub-category. Equipment information, like hours, comp average, value, and adjustment % is all still remains in this new update.
If you are new to Equipment Lists and how to export them, here is a brief guide to get you there:
While viewing an Equipment List, simply simply select the Export icon and select "PDF"
After you have selected PDF, it will download directly to your computer. Many of our clients use these reports to send to their own customers or to perspective buyers/sellers on what the value of the equipment is. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and how your team is using this new and improved look!
As always feel free to ping me with any additional feedback you may have!
Senior Product Manager