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Planter Valuation Webinar - March 2023

Planters are often the most difficult piece of farm equipment to accurately value for trade-in. Tractor Zoom's Data Scientist, Hank Mandsager, and Industry Analyst, Andy Campbell, take a deep dive into Tractor Zoom’s planter data with to discover what data science can tell us about valuing planters by make/model, rows, bulk fill, liquid fertilizer, a multitude of row options and more. We also cover a high-level overview of 2023 supply and price trends for combines, row crop tractors, and self-propelled sprayers.
Equipment supply and price trends for:
  • Combines
  • Row Crop Tractors
  • Self-propelled Sprayers
Current planter trends:
  • Supply
  • Price
  • Value attribution from variety of planter options

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