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Start your Ag Renewal Meeting with Confidence


Confidence is in Preparation 

You can start a meeting confidently by knowing you have something unexpected to offer that your client is not anticipating, but will appreciate. Information and knowledge are perfect, highly revered, and cost you very little assuming you can access that information with little effort. This is one way Iron Comps users have learned to provide value and confidence to their clients.
Part of that preparation should be bringing something of value to the meeting that your client didn’t already have. Ag lenders have a challenging position because the farmer sitting across the table knows a whole lot about farming. They’ve likely been doing it their entire life.
Rest assured though, Iron Comps can help you know a little bit more about equipment very quickly and easily. Iron Comps helps save time and effort with more accurate balance sheet valuations, but also helps the farmer know what their equipment is worth at auction or what they could buy something for using current sales results. This is valuable insight that will help your farmer’s operations. Follow the simple steps below:
  1. Log into Iron Comps (
  2. From your client’s file, choose one or a few pieces of machinery that you believe your client may be interested in learning more about
  3. Add the Make and Model under Auction Results
  4. You can show them your screen when they come in, or print them an export to take home with a click of a button
Reach out to us at Iron Comps and share the creative ways you are saving time, money, or starting your meetings with more confidence using Iron Comps!