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Webinar: 2023 Q2 Used Equipment Market Update

On May 9th, Tractor Zoom's Industry Analyst Andy Campbell and Account Executive Paul Olson presented the current conditions affecting the farm equipment market, and the trending values of high value farm equipment. In the three months since our last quarterly update we’ve seen supply chain improvements, commodity prices swing, the Southern Plains drought persist, and interest rates continuing to rise. In this webinar, tailored for ag lenders, we dive into the most recent Tractor Zoom data to see how these external factors have affected farm equipment supply and values. During these webinars, we typically dive deeper into a timely issue or two. For this webinar the focus is on regionality. Aside from interest rate hikes, one of the defining features of the agricultural industry over the past few years has been geographic disparity. With isolated extreme weather (snow in the Dakotas and Hard Red Winter wheat fields abandoned down south) and increases in equipment transportation costs, it stands to reason that there will be greater equipment value disparities between different regions. We’ll take a look in Iron Comps to discover what we can about how major equipment values are responding. In addition to geographic differences, in this webinar we will also cover value and supplies of: - Combines, by Class - Small and Large Row Crop, and 4WD Tractors - Planters and Sprayers

Want a Specific Look at Trends Within Your Region?